In Conjunction With (ICW) Meetings and Events

In Conjunction With (ICW) Meetings and Events

ICW Meetings and Events at AES 2022

Meetings and Events at AES


Organizations, corporations, educational institutions, individuals, and other entities wishing to hold a meeting or event that is related to epilepsy and/or includes AES Annual Meeting attendees and takes place anywhere in the Nashville area between Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, December 7 must apply for an ICW meeting/event and comply with AES ICW guidelines.

Your proposed meeting must be submitted to and approved by AES. Space is assigned for single-day events on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that requests for space on multiple days will be reviewed in mid-October once most events have been submitted.

AES ICW Policy

The American Epilepsy Society welcomes its members and the broader epilepsy community to its Annual Meeting each year. While the primary purpose of the meeting is to provide top-quality medical education and other career-building opportunities for our members, we are pleased to support the epilepsy community by including events and other gatherings that engage AES attendees in conjunction with (ICW) the AES Annual Meeting. 

To ensure that access to AES attendees is fair, equitable, organized, and appropriate for all nonprofits and commercial entities—including but not limited to nonprofit organizations, universities, hospital systems, medical centers, private practices, industry, publishers, recruiters, agencies, etc.—AES policies and guidelines must be observed by any organization or entity wishing to hold an ICW meeting or event. 

Please note that these guidelines apply equally to non-profit organizations as well as commercial entities. Neither group has priority in the approval of ICWs or the assignment of space. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 



What is an ICW?

An ICW is any meeting, function, program, or event relating to epilepsy that is not part of the official 2022 AES Annual Meeting program and is held in the greater Nashville area between Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, December 7. 

All such gatherings, whether or not they are located in the AES HQ hotel or other AES space, are ICWs and must be approved by AES. ICW meetings and events are bound by AES policies and guidelines.

Examples of ICW meetings include but are not limited to: 

  • Alumni Reunions/Receptions 
  • Advisory Board Meetings 
  • Committee Meetings, Board Meetings, Focus Groups, Task Forces 
  • Social Events: Breakfast, Lunch, Reception, and Dinner  
  • Exhibitor Meetings  

ICW Information and FAQs

Fees arrow_drop_down


A non-refundable administrative fee applies per room, per day, and will be charged at the time of application.  

Meeting room rental fees are waived by the facility. Exception: Organizations will be charged room rental if additional space is secured by AES for your event. The meeting organizer is responsible for payment of any charges incurred, including but not limited to food and beverage, audio and visual equipment, labor, internet service, etc. AES will accommodate as many requests as possible.  

The administrative fee for an ICW space request is non-refundable, provided that AES can accommodate the requested date, time, room, and capacity. Payment is due upon submission of the application form.  


Requests Received by Friday, October 28

  • Up to four hours: $250
  • 4-8 hours: $400

Late Requests (Received Saturday, October 29 - Friday, November 11)

  • Up to four hours: $375
  • 4-8 hours: $600


Requests Received by Friday, October 28

  • Up to four hours: $400
  • 4-8 hours: $550

Late Requests (Received Saturday, October 29 - Friday, November 11)

  • Up to four hours: $600
  • 4-8 hours: $825


Requests Received by Friday, October 28

  • Up to four hours: $800
  • 4-8 hours: $1,100

Late Requests (Received Saturday, October 29 - Friday, November 11)

  • Up to four hours: $1,200
  • 4-8 hours: $1,650

Other Costs

At AES-contracted locations, you will be required to use services and vendors contracted by AES. You will pay the hotels and vendors directly for these services. 

  • Food and Beverage Service:  Indicate your need for this service on the application form. When AES approves your ICW, the meeting facility will contact you directly to arrange food, beverage, and payment requirements. Menus and pricing will be provided by the facility upon request. Hotels advise final pricing for food and beverage. 
  • Audio-Visual Resources: Indicate your need for A/V on the application form. Our Official A/V Provider will contact you directly to make arrangements for equipment and payment. 

AES Official A/V Provider: IMS Technology Services, Jon Little (, 610-361-1870 x1104)

ICW Scheduling and Availability arrow_drop_down

ICW meetings and events may be scheduled during the following times:

Thursday, December 1Friday, December 2Saturday, December 3Sunday, December 4Monday, December 5Tuesday, December 6
 7:00 AM  - 12:00 PM 7:00 - 8:30 AM  7:00 - 8:30 AM12:00 - 2:00 PM  7:00 - 8:30 AM  7:00 - 8:30 AM
 12:00 - 6:00 PM 6:00 - 10:00 PM 12:00 - 2:00 PM 5:30 - 10:00 PM 12:00 - 2:00 PM 11:00 - 6:00 PM
 6:00 - 10:00 PM  8:00 - 10:00 PM  8:00 - 10:00 PM 6:00 - 10:00 PM

Note: Meetings for groups of 20 people or less, or exhibit staff meetings, may be held outside these times.

What ICW events get approved? arrow_drop_down

Approval of your ICW request is at the discretion of the American Epilepsy Society. While we try to approve all ICW requests that are submitted by the deadline and meet AES guidelines, AES reserves the right to disallow an ICW. Your ICW must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Only a select, clearly identified group of people may be invited. Your meeting or event may not be open to all AES Annual Meeting attendees. 
  • ICW attendance must not exceed 100 AES Annual Meeting attendees (total, over the course of the event), including your organization’s representatives, employees, vendors, etc.  
  • The content of the meeting must meet AES guidelines and the intent of the ICW program. 

If a commercial entity and a nonprofit organization, or two nonprofit organizations partner for an event, each of the two organizations may reach their limit of 100 people total over the course of the event for a total of 200 people, with these conditions: 

  • The non-profit organization(s) must be a member(s) of the Epilepsy Leadership Council (ELC). 
  • If additional nonprofits partner on the event, the headcount limit will not increase beyond 200 people. It will remain at 200. 
  • A non-profit organization can partner on only one event for which the two organizations can combine their 100-person limit for a total of 200 people.  
What ICW events do not get approved? arrow_drop_down

If your ICW request is not approved, you will be notified within 5-7 business days from your submission.

  • ICW requests for meetings outside the approved times will be denied for groups of 20+ people. Note: exhibitor staff meetings can be held at any time. 
  • ICW requests that include training or medical education of any kind—informal or accredited—will not be approved. If you wish to provide CME or non-CME medical education, AES provides satellite symposia opportunities.  
  • ICW requests that include the presentation of product information or scientific materials will not be approved. If you wish to do product presentations, AES provides innovation pavilion space and product theatres on the exhibit floor. If you wish to host scientific presentations, AES provides scientific exhibit space. 
  • Any event at which the total attendance over the course of the event exceeds 100 people—including employees, staff, and vendors—will not be approved, or in the case of a commercial entity sponsoring the event in collaboration with a nonprofit per the details above—200 people. 


What happens once my ICW is approved? arrow_drop_down
  • After you apply, AES will only contact you if additional information is needed or if there are challenges with assigning space.  
  • If you do not receive notice that your ICW has not been approved within 5-7 business days, you may assume that your request has been approved (unless otherwise communicated by AES).
  • The online request form is used to apply for function space approval. AES assigns the meeting space, but you must work with the hotel directly on all details of your meeting or event. 
  • When your event is approved by AES, the hotel will contact you directly. 
  • The hotel will assign an event manager and will begin contacting organizations in mid-to-late October. This process will continue through mid-November.  Please note: this timeline depends on when your request was submitted. 
  • You will be required by the hotel to review, approve, and sign a confirmation referred to as a Banquet Event Order (BEO). This document must be returned to the hotel by their designated deadline date in order to complete the process.  
  • Final room assignments will be provided by the hotel by mid-November. Assignments are not provided prior to this time, as they are subject to change.  


Where can I hold my ICW? arrow_drop_down

ICWs Using AES-Contracted Space 

Limited meeting space is available at the Omni Nashville Hotel and Hilton Nashville Downtown during the 2022 AES Annual Meeting. 

Note: ICW meeting requests are approved and assigned through AES, not through the AES-contracted hotels. If you contact the hotel directly, you will be referred to AES. 


Off-Site Meetings (Available by the end of August)

Any meeting or event that does not take place at the AES Headquarter Hotel, Convention Center, or Overflow Hotels (i.e. museums, restaurants, other hotels, etc.): 

  • Organizers must complete an off-site request form to receive approval for meetings and events not held at the AES Headquarters Hotel, Convention Center, or Overflow Hotels 
  • Events held off-site must follow all AES ICW guidelines 
  • AES administrative fees: off-site meetings will not be assessed any fee by AES; fees apply only to applications requesting space at one of the AES-contracted hotels 
  • Organizations requesting to hold an off-site event must disclose the location of their event on the application form 
Promotion and Signage arrow_drop_down
  • Announcements, invitations, on-site materials, and other materials related to an ICW must not imply that the event is part of official AES Annual Meeting activities or endorsed by AES.  
  • Organizations are prohibited from including the AES name or logo on materials and in URLs that promote the event. 
  • Materials must include the following statement: Not an official event of the 2022 AES Annual Meeting. Not sponsored or endorsed by AES.   
  • All promotional signage and materials must be approved by AES prior to printing and distribution. 
  • Materials may only be distributed onsite in the contracted booth space, and at the entrance to the ICW event.  
  • Signage may not be placed more than one hour prior to the event and must be removed immediately following.  
  • No signage may be placed in the convention center or hotel lobbies. This includes any kind of hand-carried signage, brochures, or other promotional materials.  
  • AES reserves the right to remove any signs that do not meet these guidelines, whether on easels, worn, hand-held. 


Additional ICW Information arrow_drop_down
  • Early submission is recommended. Space is assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • AES must review and approve all requests for an ICW prior to event planning. If you incur any costs prior to approval or promote an ICW that is not yet approved, you do so at your own risk.
  • ICW meeting requests are approved and assigned through AES, not through any of our contracted hotels or the convention center.  If you contact one of our hotels or the convention center for meeting or event space, that property will refer you to AES.
  • If your meeting or event is for your exhibitor team and includes only your company’s staff and vendors, you may hold these meetings at any time. However, you will still need to obtain approval from AES.
  • If you wish to hold an event at a location that is not contracted by AES, your ICW must be approved by AES.
  • You are responsible for generating your own audience for your event. You must observe the messaging guidelines found on page 19 in the exhibitor prospectus or here under Guidelines for Referring to AES in Advertising.
  • AES will do its best to accommodate all ICW requests that follow our guidelines, but we are under no obligation to fulfill all requests.
  • AES monitors compliance with its ICW policies and guidelines and reserves the right to interrupt non-compliant meetings and events and/or to limit access by non-compliant companies and organizations to ICW or other opportunities at future AES Annual Meetings.
  • Please be informed about gifts to physicians from industry and the Open Payments program, required by the Affordable Care Act, that collects information about the payments drug and device companies make to physicians and teaching hospitals for things like travel, research, gifts, speaking fees, and meals. Though this information is provided here for your convenience, please confirm guidelines with the compliance professionals in your company.



Emily Thompson, AES Meetings & Events Planner
312-883-3800 x131