2021 Session List

2021 Session List

Education Sessions at the Annual Meeting

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    Sessions and Formats

    SymposiaIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand
    Annual Course: How to Help Patients Live with Epilepsy

    Advanced Practice Provider Symposium: Crucial Conversations: When, Why, and How

    Annual Fundamentals Symposium: Individualizing Patient Care in Different Patient Populations

    Best Practices in Clinical Epilepsy Symposium: Complexity of Care Across the Age Spectrum: What Healthcare Providers Should Not Overlook

    Dialogues to Transform Epilepsy

    Epilepsy Specialists Symposium: Epilepsy Surgery: A Case-based Discussion of “State of the Art”

    Epilepsy Therapies Symposium: Intractable Generalized Epilepsies: New Approaches to an Old Problem

    Hot Topics Symposium: Epilepsy and COVID 2021: Do We Know More?

    North American Commission Symposium: Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy Care

    Merritt-Putnam Symposium: Targeted Genetic Based Therapies of Epilepsy: General Principles and Clinical Applications

    Pediatric State of the Art: Electrical Status Epilepticus in Sleep: Sleeping with the Enemy

    Presidential Symposium: Recent Research Revolutions and Their Impact on Epilepsy Patient Care

    Scientific Symposium: Seizures Go Virtual: Probing Mechanisms and Targeting Treatments with Multiscale Simulations

    Spanish Symposium: Epilepsy in Women: A Journey Through Life

    Translational Research Symposium: Overcoming Systemic Barriers to Translating Research: Models of Success


    Special LecturesIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    19th Judith Hoyer Lecture in Epilepsy: Contemporary Care for Women with Epilepsy: Progress from the Past

    Lombroso Lecture: Epigenetic Regulation of Cognition in Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease

    NAEC-AES Joint Session: Coding and Reimbursement Policies of Interest to Epileptologists and Epilepsy Centers


    Telehealth: One Year and More After COVID-19

    CDC Public Health Workshop 
    ILAE/WHO Session: Global Actions on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders  
    Sodium Channel Blocking Antiseizure Medications & The Heart: Sifting and Winnowing the Data
    Dialogues to Transform Epilepsy
    Epilepsy Fellowship Program Directors Meeting 
    Management Strategies for Infantile Epilepsy: Perspectives on a Systematic Review Draft Report


    Investigators WorkshopsIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    The Potential of CRISPR for Treating Epilepsies

    Exercise in Epilepsy—Just Getting Warmed Up

    Machine Learning in Clinical Epilepsy

    Neurodegeneration in Epilepsy

    Multi-disciplinary Approaches for Cognitive and Affective Fingerprinting in Epilepsy

    Rationalizing Intervention Targets for SUDEP Risk Reduction: A Neuroimaging Perspective

    Epilepsy Health Disparities

    Quantitative Analysis of Epileptic Networks at Cellular Resolution

    Memory Mechanisms in the Epileptic Brain

    Anatomical and Neurobehavioral Consequences of Fetal Antiseizure Medication Exposure

    Emerging Roles of Hypothalamus in Epilepsy and Comorbidities

    The Chronobiology of Epilepsy

    Therapeutic Benefits of Targeting Neuropeptides in Epilepsy

    Functional and Medical Outcomes After Large Pediatric Epilepsy Surgeries

    Disorders of GABA Metabolism


    Somatic Genetics of Neocortical Epilepsy: SLC35A2


    Apnea Without Dyspnea Due to Stimulation of the Amygdala


    Thalamic Neuromodulation in Focal and Generalized Epilepsies


    Clinical Applications of Functional and Effective Connectivity in Epilepsy


    Novel Techniques and Models to Identify Epileptogenesis in Post-traumatic Epilepsy



    Special Interest GroupsIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    Children's Hour: Precision Therapies in Pediatric Epilepsy

    Genetics: Astute Clinical Observation vs. Data Analytics


    Psychosocial Comorbidities: Beyond Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Unpacking the Various Anxieties in Epilepsy

    Status Epilepticus: The Broad Spectrum of Focal Status Epilepticus

    Critical Care: An Update on NORSE and FIRES

    Neonatal: Neonatal Seizures Around the Globe: Accurate Diagnosis with Limited Resources

    Sleep and Epilepsy: Stars and Seasons--The Impact of Epilepsy in Sleep

    Basic Mechanisms and Neuroscience of Epilepsy: mTOR Dysregulation in Epilepsy--Targets and Pathways Beyond the Usual Suspects

    Tuberous Sclerosis

    Clinical Epilepsy for the Advanced Practice Provider

    Intractable Generalized Epilepsy

    Neuroimaging: Large Multicenter Databases: Big Data and Open Science

    Practice Management: Building an Epilepsy Practice

    PNES: Virtual Tools for Nonepileptic Seizures

    Engineering and Neurostimulation: Next Generation Approaches for Neurostimulation in Epilepsy



    Seizures in Autoimmune Encephalitis: Continuation Proposal Seizures in Autoimmune Encephalitis



    Epilepsy and Aging: Late-onset Epilepsy: A Unique Clinical Entity?



    Temporal Lobe Club: The Network in Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy


    Data Science: Natural Language Processing and EMR Phenotyping for Precision Epilepsy


    Neuroendocrinology: The Impact of Stress on Epilepsy Outcomes



    EEG: The Problem of EEG Over-interpretations: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions


    Epilepsy Education: E-learning in Epilepsy in the Times of Pandemic and Beyond



    Pediatric Epilepsy Case Discussions: Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges


    Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG): The Stereo-EEG Approach to MRI-negative Epilepsy


    Global Health: Overcoming Hurdles to Sustainable Care During a Pandemic


    Seizure and Cerebrovascular Disease

    Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment for Epilepsy: CBT in the Pediatric Epilepsy Clinic: Applications for Patients and Caregivers


    NIH and Non-profit Research Resources/Junior Investigator Workshop: Non-profit Funding Opportunities for Junior Investigators



    Ictal Semiology: Generators of Motor Symptoms Linked to Auras: The Localizing Significance of Propagation Patterns


    Magnetoencephalography (MEG): What are Dipoles Anyway? What Source Location Means and What It Doesn't Mean


    Epilepsy Surgery: The Learning Curve of Laser Ablation for Epilepsy


    Pregnancy Registry Outcomes: Pregnancy Data Outcome Update


    SUDEP: Failure to Autoresuscitate


    Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies: Moving from a Seizure-centric to a Holistic Evaluation of DEE Patients


    Tumor-related Epilepsy: A Focus on Low Grade Gliomas


    Dietary Therapies: Therapy Innovations and Ketogenic Diet Mechanisms




    Quality and Safety: Continuous EEG/LTM: Who Do We Monitor vs. Who Should We Monitor?



    Neuropharmacology: Managing Breakthrough Seizures--An Art or Science?



    Neuropsychology: Reimagining Memory: Transient Amnesia, Long-term Forgetting, Early Dementia



    Professional Wellness in Epilepsy Care



    Professional DevelopmentIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    Career Pathways: Clinical Care

    Career Pathways: Interprofessional Careers


    Career Pathways: Research

    Career Skills: Landing Your Next Job

    Career Skills: Mentoring  

    Career Skills: Social Media


    Clinical Skills WorkshopsIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    Alternative Therapies

    Genetics Testing

    Intracranial Electrode Studies

    Misadventures in EEG

    Neurostimulation in Epilepsy

    Optimal Use of Neuroimaging  
    Self-management training  
    Treating Patients  
    Treatment of Anxiety and Depression  


    Basic Science Skills WorkshopsIn-personLive StreamedOn-demand

    Stem Cell-derived Brain Organoid Approaches for Epilepsy Research

    Computational Modeling from Neurons to Networks: How and Why to Get Started