The nominating process for the leadership of AES begins with you. Selection of AES leadership candidates is a critical process that will have a long-term impact on our Society.
As your professional society, AES relies on you to help identify members with outstanding leadership potential who may lead AES forward. Nominations for 2017 positions were solicited in May and June, then vetted by the Nominating Committee. After a rigorous selection process, the slate of candidates was identified in early August. The ballot went live September 28 and will be available until October 28, during which time the membership ratifies the slate.

The next call for nominations will go out late Spring 2017, for positions that take effect in 2018. All AES Active members are eligible to nominate themselves or another member for any of the open positions. The positions to be available, with experience noted, are:

  • Second Vice President: has served on the Board previously as a full board member and has served as a Council or committee chair. This individual will serve as 2nd VP in 2018, 1st VP in 2019, and succeed to the presidency in 2020. They should anticipate committing 15% of their time to the duties of the AES Second Vice President. In 2018, and progressively increasing time in subsequent years.
  • Board Member at large: has served as a Council or committee chair or played an active role on a committee, and has not previously served on the Board. Board Members are expected to commit 10% of their time to AES Board-related duties. There will be two open positions because two Board members will be retiring at the end of 2017. New Board members' tenure will be 2018-2020.
  • Nominating Committee member at large: has served on the Board, and/or has served as a Council or committee chair, and/or as an active committee member. Nominating Committee members are directly responsible for identifying the future leadership of the Society. This is a three-year term commitment.

Before submitting a name, it is recommended the person being suggested be contacted to be sure they would be willing to serve if nominated and elected. Service as an officer or Board member requires a significant commitment of time and energy to the Society. Based on submissions, the Nominating Committee will develop a slate of candidates that will be sent to the membership for ratification, as required by our Bylaws.

Keep an eye on this site and the AES Connections Newsletter this coming Spring for the announcement of when the nominating process will go live!