Membership has ratified the 2019 leadership slate

Douglas A. Coulter, PhD
Second Vice President 



Elinor Ben-Menachem, MD, PhD
Board Member-at-large


Lori L. Isom, PhD
Board Member-at-large 



Kelly G. Knupp, MD
Nominating Committee Member-at-large 



Howard P. Goodkin, MD, PhD
Treasurer-elect (2020-2022)




From May 7 - 31, 2018, AES accepted nominations for the AES 2019 Board of Directors. AES members may nominate themselves or recommend other individuals for the open positions described below. After a rigorous selection process, the Nominating Committee identified the slate of candidates followed by their acceptance by the Board of Directors. The slate is up for ratification by the eligible voting membership from September 10-October 7, 2018. AES will announce the 2019 Board upon final ratification and the ratified candidates will begin their positions January 1, 2019.

Listed below are criteria for each position:

Second Vice President Nominee has served on the board previously as a voting board member and has served as a committee chair. This individual will become AES president in two years. Current board members are also eligible if they will be completing their term at the end of this year. View the list of current board members here.

Treasurer-elect Nominee is an active AES volunteer who has served on the Board of Directors either as an elected member or in an ex officio capacity by virtue of service as a Council chair and has appropriate expertise in financial areas. This person will serve as Treasurer-elect in 2019, then will move into the Treasurer role for three years, 2020-2022. The time commitment is significant. The Treasurer is an officer of the Board who will attend all Executive Committee meetings, all Board meetings, and Budget and Audit, Finance, and Development Committee meetings, as well as Lennox and Lombroso Fund Trustee meetings. There are also scheduled calls with the Executive Director to monitor monthly financials and to interface with accountants and auditors. Once selected by the Nominating Committee, the Board of Directors will affirm the Treasurer-elect. This position is not placed on the slate.

Board Member-at-Large Nominee (two positions) has served as a council or a committee chair, and/or has served as an active member of a committee. The anticipated commitment is 10% of their time to board-related duties, including participation on monthly Board calls and in-person meetings of the Board three times during the year.

Nominating Committee Member-at-Large has served on the board, and/or has served as a committee chair, and/or served as an active committee member. The ideal candidate will be a visionary yet practical thinker who understands the AES strategic plan and is able to identify those who will have a critical long-term impact on the direction of the society.hor and served on

numerous editorial boards

including as


Editorial Board Member and


Contributing Editor of

Epilepsy Currents