Working Toward a World Without Epilepsy

Epilepsy is the most common and potentially devastating neurological disease that affects people across the lifespan.

  • 1 in 26 people will have epilepsy in their lifetime.
  • Seizures know no boundaries, striking any age, any socio-economic level, and any ethnicity.
  • Between 2.2 and 3 million Americans, including almost 400,000 children, live with epilepsy. Of those, one-third suffer treatment-resistant seizures that do not respond to currently available medications.
  • In the United States, approximately 40% of epilepsy patients do not have access to expert and appropriate care.

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The American Epilepsy Society is the home for scientists, clinician researchers, physicians, and other healthcare providers dedicated to using the best and most current science to prevent, treat, and cure epilepsy.

Your generous gift helps us expand the epilepsy knowledge base and provide grants and fellowships to attract young scientists and clinicians to the epilepsy field. Gifts like yours fill the epilepsy talent pipeline that will generate new discoveries and treatments for generations to come.

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Help AES Build the Epilepsy Talent Pipeline