Your Research Dollars at Work

Empowering Research

AES is empowering research though its strong commitment to projects that identify and deliver answers to curing epilepsy. AES looks for the newest scientific projects for funding and helps ensure that every research dollar is spent as carefully as possible.

AES funded projects:

  • Find unrecognized causes of epilepsy
  • Identify the biological mechanisms that turn a normal brain into an epileptic brain
  • Develop new animal models for studying how epilepsy develops in the brain
  • Test the effectiveness of prevention strategies
  • Develop new treatment strategies and improve current approaches to epilepsy
  • Prevent, reduce, or cure the co-morbidities associated with epilepsy.
  • Research into SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy)
  • Develop effective methods for diagnosing, treating and preventing non-epileptic seizures (NES).

Energizing Education and Training

The scientific and medical communities recognize there is a shortage of investigators focused on epilepsy. Recognizing this need, AES supports several pre- and post-doctoral clinical and basic science research fellowships, travel awards and other grants investing in young researchers.