Your Research Dollars at Work

The scientific and medical communities recognize there is a shortage of researchers focused on epilepsy.Your generous gift to the American Epilepsy Society helps fill the epilepsy talent pipeline that will generate new discoveries and treatments 

As one of the largest non-governmental funders for those starting their careers in epilepsy research, AES is committed to developing the next generation of epilepsy investigators. Cutbacks in research funding, particularly by government agencies, have made it extremely difficult for new investigators to secure grants needed to start a research career and subsequently compete for larger, longer-term support from the National Institutes of Health or other sources.  

AES fills a critical need now that so few funding opportunities for those just starting their careers. To learn more about the AES research program, click here

To make a gift to support epilepsy research, click here. All gifts are deeply appreciated and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.