Targeted Funds

Targeted Funds for Targeted Impact 

Your gift to the American Epilepsy Society will be designated for the area of greatest need. If you prefer instead to direct it to a specific endowed fund at AES, you may choose one of these funds when you make your donation: 

Susan S. Spencer Fund for Clinical Research and Education  
Clinical research fellowships 
Supports a two-year clinical research fellowship that provides clinical lab and methodology experience, plus execution of a research project. Designed for new investigators at the beginning of their career. 

Lennox and Lombroso Trust for Research and Training 
Research grants and fellowships for junior investigators 
Supports fellowships and early career grants for pre- and postgraduates, plus newly independent faculty. Also recognizes role models for epilepsy research through support of the Lombroso Lecture at the AES Annual Meeting and the annual Founders Award, which recognizes an AES member for lifetime achievement related to advancing knowledge about epilepsy causes, treatment, and care. 

Jack M. Pellock Pediatric Travel Fund 
Best pediatric paper(s) 
Supports the presentation of the best one or two pediatric abstracts by early career investigators every year at the AES Annual Meeting. Provides an ongoing platform for promoting excellence in pediatric epilepsy and advancing the careers of promising young professionals—just like Dr. Pellock did so admirably throughout his own career. 

J. Kiffin Penry Fund 
Programs to improve patient care and quality of life for persons with epilepsy 
Recognizes professionals who have demonstrated a lifelong focus on and genuine concern for the patient with epilepsy, like Dr. Penry did. Honors those whose work has had  a major  impact  on patient  care  and  improved the quality of life for persons with epilepsy. 

Fritz Dreifuss Epilepsy Fund 
Research and mentoring of young physicians 
Commemorates the leadership and passion Dr. Dreifuss brought to the care of his patients, the mentoring of young physicians, and the groundbreaking research he led. Supports an award and lecture that promotes clinical epilepsy research and outstanding patient care.  

Rebecca Goldberg-Kaufman Ethical Neuropsychiatry Award Fund 
Advances in psychiatry in epilepsy care 
Raises awareness of the importance of psychiatry in epilepsy care. Supports papers and a lecture on the psycho-social aspects of epilepsy care and treatment. 

Suzanne and Peter Berry International Travel Award 
Clinical investigators from developing countries 
Recognizes outstanding young investigators doing research in clinical neuroscience related to epilepsy in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East or Latin America, by supporting travel to present their research at the AES Annual Meeting. 

Junior Mexican Epileptologists Travel Award Fund
Best paper(s) from the Mexican League Against Epilepsy
Supports the presentation of the best abstract(s) presented by early career investigators from the Mexican League Against Epilepsy every year at the AES Annual Meeting. Provides an ongoing platform for promoting excellence in epilepsy and advancing the careers of promising young professionals working in Mexico.