In Memoriam

This section is for members to learn about those who have gone before and the contributions they made.  We welcome your remembrances of our valued departed colleagues.  Please send them or any comments or suggestions that you may have to  Help us preserve the memories and the accomplishments of our friends and colleagues. 

Brian S. Meldrum, MB, B.CHIR, PhD, 2019 *Lennox Award

Frederick Andermann, OC, OQ, MD, FRCPC, 2019 *Lennox and Research Recognition Award Recipient

Dominic Purpura, MD, 2019 *Past President, Clinical Research Award Recipient

Harold Booker, 2018 *Past President

Debra Gist, 2017 *AES Director of Education and Clinical Activities

Robert Gumnit, MD, 2017 *Past President

Uwe Heinemann, 2016 (View ILAE announcement here) *AES Basic Science Award Recipient

Peter Berman, MD, 2016 

Jack Pellock, MD, 2016 (View AES announcement here.) *Past President

Sandra Helmers, MD, MPH, 2016

Jean Aicardi, 2015 *AES Clinical Research Award Recipient

V. Elving Anderson, PhD, 2014 *Lennox Award Recipient

Robert Stephen Burgerman, MD, 2013

Edward B. Bromfield, MD, 2009 *Penry Award Recipient 

Paul H. Crandall, MD, 2012 *Past President & Lennox Award Recipient

Yukio Fukuyama, MD, PhD, 2014 *Lennox Award Recipient

Karen Gale, PhD, 2014: *AES Extraordinary Contributions Award & Research Initiative Fund Award Recipient

Gilbert H. Glaser, MD, 2012 *Past President

Eli S. Goldensohn, MD, 2013 *Past President & AES Service Award Recipient

Autumn Klein, MD, PhD,  2013 *Early Career Physician-Scientist Award Recipient

Cesare Lombroso, 2013 *Past President, Lennox Award Recipient, & Research Recognition Award Recipient

Robert J. Maciunas, MD, 2011 *Committee Member

Elliott M. Marcus, MD, 2011

Charlotte B. McCutchen, MD, 2012

Ernst L. Niedermeyer, MD, 2012

Roberto Poma, D.V.M, 2010

Mindy C. Schwartz, MD, 2013

Susan S. Spencer, MD, 2009 *Past President



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