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7.25 - American Epilepsy Society Journal Impact Factor More than Doubles

7.18 - American Epilepsy Society and Outcome Health Announce Partnership

6.12 - American Epilepsy Society Announces Epilepsy Research Awards

5.30 - American Epilepsy Society Calls on Congress to Reject Proposed Research, Prevention Program Funding Cuts Outlined in President Trump's FY 2018 Proposed Budget


12.13 - Dr. Eli Mizrahi Elected President of the American Epilepsy Society

12.13 - Dr. Shlomo Shinnar Elected President-Elect of the American Epilepsy Society

12.13 - Dr. Page Pennell Elected Second Vice President of the American Epilepsy Society

12.13 - Dr. Howard Goodkin Elected to the AES Board of Directors

12.13 - Dr. Georgette Smith Elected to the AES Board of Directors

12.5 - Siblings of Children with Epilepsy Tend to have Protective Rather than Negative Feelings Toward Them, Study Shows

12.4 - Infantile Spasms Often Not Diagnosed Promptly, Study Finds

12.4 - Researchers Seek Objective Measure to Determine Which Patients with Epilepsy Can Safely Drive

12.3 - 11 Percent of Stroke Sufferers Develop Epilepsy, Research Shows

12.3 - Cannabidiol Medicine May Help Patients with Epilepsy Who Don’t Benefit from Standard Medications, Research Suggests

12.3 - Nihon Kohden Backs Epilepsy Research: Company Donates Proceeds from Precision EEG System to American Epilepsy Society’s Research and Training Fellowships

11.22 - Scott C. Baraban, PhD, to Be Honored for Excellence in Epilepsy Research at the American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting 

11.22 - Orrin Devinsky, MD, to Receive the American Epilepsy Society's 2016 J. Kiffin Penry Award at the Society's Annual Meeting

11.22 - Graeme D. Jackson, MBBS, MD, to Be Honored for Excellence in Epilepsy Research at the American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting 

11.22 -  Gary W. Mathern, MD, to Be Honored for Lifetime Accomplishments in Epilepsy at the American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting

11.22 - Manisha Patel, PhD, to Receive the American Epilepsy Society’s 2016 Distinguished Service Award at December Annual Meeting

6.21- American Epilepsy Society Supports the Next Generation of Researchers with Early Career Funding

5.4 - Largest Epilepsy Research Conference Now Accepting Abstract Submissions

4.29 - Families, Doctors, Advocates Urgently Seeking Answers in Epilepsy Deaths

3.1 - Few Answers in Understanding Death from Epilepsy

3.1 - AES Annual Meeting Selected as “Fastest 50” of 2015

2.9 - New Guideline for Treatment of Prolonged Seizures in Children and Adults

1.8 - American Epilepsy Society Awarded Six-Year ACCME Accreditation with Commendation


12.16 - American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting Hits New Heights 

12.7 - Pharmaceutical CBD (cannabidiol) Shows Promise  for Children with Severe Epilepsy

12.7 - Studies Reveal Better Options for Managing Status Epilepticus in Children

12.7 - New Personal Monitoring Devices for Epilepsy May Offer Alternatives to Inpatient Video EEG

12.7 - New Findings Reveal the Interplay Between Epilepsy and Aging

12.7 - Unraveling the Genetic Basis of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

12.7 - Sleep Disturbance in Epilepsy: Causes and Consequences

12.7 - Harvard’s Donald Schomer, M.D., Named  AES J. Kiffin Penry Award Recipient

12.7 - American Epilepsy Society Awards Harvard’s Kevin Staley, M.D., with its  2015 Research Recognition Award for Basic Science 

12.7 - American Epilepsy Society Awards Penn’s Brian Litt, M.D., its 2015 Research Recognition Award for Clinical Science

12.7 - American Epilepsy Society Recognizes Germany’s Dr. Christian E. Elger With William G. Lennox Award

12.6 - New Juvenile Myoclinic Epilepsy Research Presented at  American Epilepsy Society’s Annual Meeting 

12.6 - Emerging Technologies Help to Advance the Understanding,  Detection and Control of Epilepsy

12.6 - Researchers Unravel Mysteries of SCN8A Mutation in Epilepsy

12.6 - Personalized Medicine Studies Reveal Gene Targets for Epilepsy

12.5 - Studies Reveal the Surprising Complexity of Cognitive Issues in  Children with Epilepsy

12.5 - Four Studies Explore Memory Decline in People with Epilepsy

12.5 - Novel Devices and Technologies Provide Insights into Seizure Control, Surgical Targets, for People with Epilepsy

12.4 - American Epilepsy Society Grants Extraordinary Contributions Award to Story Landis, Ph.D., Former NINDS Director

12.4 - Harvard’s Page B. Pennell, M.D., to Receive American Epilepsy Society’s Distinguished Service Award

12.4 - Autoimmune Epilepsy Outcomes Depend Heavily on Antibody Type

12.4 - Anne Anderson, M.D., Elected To American Epilepsy Society Board of Directors

12.4 - William H. Theodore, M.D., Named Treasurer-Elect of American Epilepsy Society

12.4 - Shlomo Shinnar, M.D., Ph.D., Elected 2nd Vice President of American Epilepsy Society

12.4 - Michael D. Privitera, M.D. Becomes President of American Epilepsy Society

12.4 - Eli M. Mizrahi, M.D., Named First Vice President of American Epilepsy Society

12.4 - Douglas Coulter, Ph.D., Elected To American Epilepsy Society Board of Directors

12.2 - Nihon Kohden Supports Epilepsy Research

8.03 - New Issue of Epilepsy Currents Highlights 

7.28 - AES Announces Continued Growth in Impact Factor for Epilepsy Currents 

7.23 - AES Appoints New Director of Member Engagement

7.22 - AES Opens Registration for its 69th Annual Meeting

7.13 - AES Hires New Director of Education and Professional Development

6.01 - New Seed Grant for Study of Neurodegeneration in Chronic Epilepsy

6.01 - AES Awards New Seed Grant for Study of Dravet Syndrome

4.22 - Autism-Epilepsy Connection Explored in Four Studies

4.21 - Five Leading Epilepsy Studies to be Presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 2015 Annual Meeting

4.20 - Dr. Leigh Sepeta Receives Susan S. Spencer Clinical Research Training Fellowship in Epilesy Award

4.20 - New Guideline on How to Treat the One in 10 Who Experience a First Seizure

4.20 - 2015 AAN Annual Meeting Press Briefing Sheet

3.25 - AES Annual Meeting to be Honored as One of the "Fastest 50" of 2014

3.09 - Abstract Submission Open for the American Epilepsy Society's 69th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia 

2.19 - The American Epilepsy Society Announces Fellowship Award Recipients for 2015

2.09 - American Epilepsy Society Calls for More Epilepsy Research Funding

1.20 - The American Epilepsy Society (AES) Awards New Seed Grant for Study of Diabetes Induced Postischemic Seizures