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4.14 - American Epilepsy Society Announces Fellowship Award Recipients


12.16 - Elson So, M.D., of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Elected President of the American Epilepsy Society

12.9 - Children's National Health System Neurologist - Named Treasurer of American Epilepsy Society

12.9 - Epilepsy Community Seeks Redefinition of Bioequivalence from FDA

12.9 - Home Testing Devices Could Monitor Epilepsy Drug Levels, Reduce Clinical Visits

12.9 - Michigan Neuroscientist Jack M. Parent, M.D. - Elected to American Epilepsy Society Board

12.9 - New Findings on Women, Pregnancy and the Effects of Epilepsy

12.9 - Rene H. Levy, Pioneer in Rational Drug Development, to Receive the AES Lennox-Lombroso Award

12.9 - Seizures and Epilepsy: A Significant Burden on Veterans

12.9 - Univ. of Colorado Professor Amy R. Brooks-Kayal, M.D.

12.9 - Wisconsin Neuropsychologist Bruce P. Hermann, Ph.D.

12.8 - Director of University of Cincinnati Epilepsy Center Michael Privitera, M.D.

12.8 - Epilepsy Community Collaborates on Web-Based Tool to Improve Access to Specialized Care

12.8 - Epilepsy Surgery Effect on Mood and Behavior in Children Differs by Surgical Site and Hemisphere

12.8 - Epilepsy Surgery Safe and Effective in Patients of Advancing Age

12.8 - Impact of Surgery on Lives of People with Epilepsy

12.8 - Is SUDEP Risk Potentially Treatable?

12.8 - Seizure Unconsciousness Similar to Slow Wave Sleep

12.8 - Study Identifies Pediatric Patients Most Likely to Have Long-term Damage from Prolonged Seizures

12.8 - Study: More Aggressive Management Needed in Treating Children with Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus

12.7 - Laser Ablation Surgery Shows Better Cognitive Results for People with Epilepsy

12.7 - Neuroscientist from Sweden's Karolinska Institute to Receive

12.7 - New Insight Into the Genetic Causes of Epilepsy

12.7 - People With Uncontrolled Epilepsy Had Higher Healthcare Utilization

12.7 - Researchers Report on Safety of Rapid AED Withdrawal in Pre-surgical Video/EEG Monitoring

12.7 - Responsive Brain Stimulation Device Demonstrates Safety and Seizure Reduction

12.7 - Russell G. Katz, M.D., former FDA Administrator, to Receive AES Extraordinary Contributions Award

12.7 - Study Suggests Post-Operative Change in AED Therapy May Not Necessarily Affect Long-term Seizure Outcome After Temporal Lobe Surgery

12.7 - University of Virginia Neuroscientist Jaideep Kapur, M.D., Ph.D., to Receive American Epilepsy Society 2013 Award for Basic Science

12.6 - Epilepsy New Drug Expert, Former Federal Epilepsy Program Head, to Receive the American Epilepsy Society's 2013 Service Award

12.6 - Mayo Clinic Physcian-Scientist Gregory D. Cascino, M.D.

12.6 - Survey of Epilepsy Centers Shows Changing Landscape in Epilepsy Surgery

11.26 - Implantable Responsive Neurostimulator Approved

11.25 - Eileen Murray Named Executive Director American Epilepsy Society

10.31 - Nihon Kohden Announces the Close of Its Unique Auction of a New EEG-1200A Diagnostic and Monitoring System

10.15 - American Epilepsy Society and the National Association of Epilepsy Centers Debuts Free Online Medical Education Series on Safety 

4.23 - AES President Receives Epilepsy Foundation Hero Award