Registration Categories

Category Criteria/Description Eligible to Claim CME/CE  Eligible for Registration Discount* Early Member Rate Early Nonmember Rate Standard Member Rate Standard Nonmember Rate

Attendees who have a medical degree, such as M.D., D.O., or M.B.B.S. and have completed training.

Yes Yes $735 $1,335 $1,060 $1,635
Scientist Researchers. Physicians may not register for this category. No Yes $465 $725 $650 $875
Health Care Provider

Professionals who care for patients, such as nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physician assistants and technologists. Physicians may not register for this category.

Yes Yes $465 $725 $650 $875
Trainee Residents, fellows, and postdocs. Yes Yes $300 $560 $520 $685
Coordinator/Assistant1 Research coordinators and research or laboratory assistants.  No Yes $300 $560 $520 $685
Student Undergraduate or medical school student. No Yes $155 $155 $205 $205
Advocate Staff of nonprofit in epilepsy, person with epilepsy, family member, or caregiver. Physicians may not register for this category. No Yes $270 $270 $485 $485
One-Day Open to all registrant categories. Yes No $345 $475 $500 $625
Two-Day Open to all registrant categories. Yes Yes $655 $910 $960 $1,220
Industry Industry employees who want to attend educational programming. Physicians, scientists, and health care providers should register as such in those respective categories. No No $465 $465 $650 $650
Resource-Limited Country2 Individuals living and working in low-income developing countries, as defined by the World Bank. No Yes $250 $250 $250 $250

*Register and Book Your Hotel for the Lowest Rate

Save an additional $50 on full and two-day registrations when you confirm a hotel room through Experient. The registration discount will be applied after confirming your hotel reservation. This discount is only applicable when the meeting registration and hotel reservation are confirmed at the same time, in the same transaction, and completed by Monday, October 31, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

The registration discount only applies to the lead occupant in the room. If there is more than one person in a room, the additional person/people is not eligible for the discount. 

Please note 

1. Physician attendees may add an assistant/coordinator to their meeting registration; coordinators and assistants wishing to attend without a physician must register in the Health Care Provider category.

2. Individuals residing and working in Resource-Limited Countries, as defined by the World Bank, may register online only for the five-day program at a reduced rate. Fees are determined automatically based on the country. No other discounts are available with this rate.

3. Additional registration fees apply for the 5th Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction and Skills Workshops.