The Quantitative Practical Use-Driven Learning Survey in Epilepsy (Q-PULSE) was established in 2012 by AES as a mechanism for quickly polling a panel of leaders in epilepsy care for their expert opinion on difficult or controversial questions for which high quality evidence or scientific data are lacking. The Q-PULSE panel consists of approximately 170 epileptologists selected from epilepsy centers belonging to the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) and representing a broad cross-section of centers across the United States.

Q-PULSE is an attempt to take the “pulse” of epileptologists at any given time. It will NOT replace evidence; it is not designed to be a practice parameter nor represent “the truth”. Results of Q-PULSE surveys may provide information useful for 1) arriving at a working consensus, 2) identifying areas of controversy, or 3) identifying areas that need further research or education.

Suggest a topic for a future Q-PULSE

AES welcomes suggestions for topics to address in future Q-PULSE surveys. Click here to submit your topic proposal.

Prior Q-PULSE topics and commentaries

Aggregate results from Q-PULSE surveys are often reported in Epilepsy Currents, and some have been discussed in short video interviews.


Q-PULSE survey data represent the aggregate responses of a panel of epileptologists to questions to gather their opinions and/or approaches to issues in clinical epilepsy care. These data are not derived from a clinical trial or scientific study. Q-PULSE survey results are not intended to establish a community standard of care, replace a clinician’s medical judgment, or establish a protocol for all patients.