EMU Safety

The American Epilepsy Society and the National Association of Epilepsy Centers offer a free online continuing medical education series, “Safety in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit."

The goal of this special structured learning presentation is to educate healthcare providers on how to best create a culture of safety in the epilepsy monitoring unit.

This program is helpful for all members of the epilepsy team including physicians, nurses, EEG technologists, pharmacists, child life specialists, mental health professionals and others who provide care to people with epilepsy in an EMU. Continuing education credits for physicians, nurses and EEG technologists are available.

The program consists of seven modules addressing the following topics:

  • Introduction to Safety in the EMU (Culture of Safety and Overview of EMU Safety)
  • Enhancing Safety Prior to Admission:
    • Professional Education and Communication
    • Assessment and Education of Patient and Family
  • Seizure Observation
  • Environment and Activity
  • Seizure Provocation
  • Managing Seizures and Comorbidities
  • Preparing for Transition to Outpatient Care

Each module can be completed independently. Videos, slides and commentary provide practical information and guidance. This tool can be used for continuing in-service education and as a training tool for new members of the team!

Pre- and post-tests allow professionals to evaluate their own practice and needs as well as obtain continuing education credits in their discipline. Medical professionals can use these modules as part of performance improvement programs in the EMU and meeting other patient safety needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an AES member to access the EMU Safety course?

No, this course is open to all medical professionals involved in epilepsy care. If this is your first activity with AES, you will need to create a new account

How do I get a copy of my certificate for credit or completion?

If you completed the EMU Caring activity before March 1, 2016, email education@aesnet.org to request your certificate. Be sure to include your full name and the email address you used for the activity login.

For any activities completed after March 1, 2016:
NURSES and EEG TECHNICIANS: Email education@aesnet.org to request your certificate.

Physicians and others: Sign in to MyAES (use the same credentials as when you completed the activity) and go to My Transcripts to access a certificate. For assistance, contact us.

Why can’t I see the launch link/button?

Check the upper right of your browser window. Do you see “Welcome (your name)” or “sign in”? You must be signed in to launch the activity. If you have started or completed this or other activities, use the same login credentials to access the ELI. If you are completely new to AES and the Epilepsy Learning Institute, create a new account to get started.