Billing and Coding

Take Action to Urge Congress to Stop EEG Payment Cuts

For 2020, a major coding restructuring is occurring for the long-term EEG monitoring services.  In its Physician Fee Schedule rule, CMS proposed major changes in reimbursement for these services, including reductions in the relative values for the new long-term EEG monitoring with video codes, the major diagnostic tool for evaluating patients with epilepsy.  

The American Medical Association (AMA) worked with the AAN, ACNS and other physician organizations on the development of an updated, more accurate long-term EEG monitoring code set.  Unfortunately, CMS did not accept all the recommendations and has proposed further reductions to the payment rates for professional services of the new code set.  

While these are proposed rates, AES, along with the NAEC, AAN, and ACNS are pursuing all avenues to combat this unacceptable proposal.  We are asking for your help in communicating to Congress about the potential impact on the ability to provide high-quality patient care. 

At the request of the epilepsy provider and patient communities, Representatives Bluemenauer, McMorris Rodgers, Sewell, and Wenstrup are leading a bipartisan letter to the administration expressing their concerns. They are seeking other members of the House of Representatives to join them in sending this letter.



Coming to AES 2019? Plan to attend the AES/NAEC EEG monitoring codes session, Coding Changes for Long Term EEG Monitoring Services for 2020 (Monday, December 6, 9:00 - 10:30 AM)

Coding Resources

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) provides information to providers and facilities on regulations and other resources. 
  • National Association of Epilepsy Centers: Information regarding public health issues, policies, and regulations that impact epilepsy care management, as well as a listing of epilepsy centers in the US, can be accessed here.