Medications that Provoke Seizures

Many medications can provoke seizures. This table lists more than 200 medications and was prepared from the clinical experience of Robert Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., and perusal of multiple on-line medication databases. The list is far from complete. Occasionally, an antiepileptic drug can make seizures worse, instead of better, especially if used in toxic doses. Even pure water in excessive quantities can lead to a seizure. Much depends upon the dosage of a drug, whether it is in a quick or slow-release form, whether it is interacting with another drug in your system, whether you have built up to a dosage slowly or quickly, and multiple other factors. A medication that may make one person seize may be quite harmless to another. Some medications have a direct effect to cause seizures, others provoke seizures with drug withdrawal.

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Drugs that cause seizures