Prescription Drug Assistance Programs


For many years, the pharmaceutical industry has sponsored patient assistance programs to help physicians provide prescription medicines, either free of charge or at a nominal fee, to patients who lack the financial resources to obtain the necessary medications.

The following web sites list companies that sponsor programs of assistance for epilepsy medications, describe basic eligibility requirements and program benefits, and specify how physician requests on behalf of their patients must be made. Eligibility requirements, benefits, and application procedures vary by program and are determined by the respective pharmaceutical manufacturers. Further information on the assistance programs listed here, or on other programs, can be obtained by contacting pharmaceutical manufacturers directly.

There are many drug assistance programs available to people with epilepsy who meet specific criteria for the individual program and health care providers.

Other online resources for getting seizure medicines at no or low cost include, but are not limited to:

  • RxHope:  Offers assistance to health care providers and patients in preparing, submitting and tracking patient assistance orders.
  • Rx Assist: Offers an online resource of patient medication assistance programs for patients and health care providers. The site also offers information on health care reform to health care professionals.
  • NeedyMeds: Offers an online resource of patient assistance programs for cost of medications and some other health care costs.
  • The Rx Advocates: Offers help to patients in finding, completing and submitting drug assistance forms. They reportedly work with doctor’s offices and pharmaceutical companies if necessary. A nominal fee is charged.
  • Most pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs. Contact the individual pharmaceutical companies for further information if their program is not available through the online resources.
  • A patient assistance program for Acthar Gel is available through NORD (National Organization of Rare Diseases).
    • Contact NORD by phone: 1-888-435-2284


Revised: Susan Rogers PharmD, Patricia O. Shafer RN, MN, James Wheless, MD
September 30, 2013