Women with Epilepsy: Resources and Information

Last Updated May 8, 2019

Information for Women with Epilepsy

NEW from AES: Epilepsy and Motherhood Not Mutually Exclusive; Advance Planning Helps Ensure Safe Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

Dr. Page Pennell, AES President, specializes in the treatment of women with epilepsy and has recorded the following videos answering common questions regarding pregnancy.

Dr. Page Pennell on Pregnancy in Women with Epilepsy Dr. Page Pennell on Epilepsy and Becoming Pregnant Dr. Page Pennell on Breastfeeding as a Woman with Epilepsy


AES Clinical and Educational Resources

The American Epilepsy Society offers a wide range of clinical, educational, and scientific resources designed to support epilepsy professionals in the care and understanding of the unique considerations for women with epilepsy.

AES Medical and Educational Resources

You'll find more AES resources for clinical care and self-management here.

Current AES Scientific and Medical Content

Ongoing Clinical Studies and Registries on Reproductive-Aged Women with Epilepsy

As of 2019, the following studies are actively working to better understand how the health and care of women with epilepsy influence their health and that of their children.

The Kimford J. Meador Research in Women with Epilepsy Award

The Kimford J. Meador Research in Women with Epilepsy Award may be of interest to researchers whose work advances the care of women with epilepsy. Sponsored by My Epilepsy Story and offered at the AES Annual Meeting since 2017, the award recognizes an AES member who has contributed to recent important research to advance the care of women with epilepsy. Recent awardees include:


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