Epilepsy Diaries

How do I use seizure diaries?  Which one should I use?

Tracking seizures and other information can be done in many ways. The diary or calendar should be easy enough so you can use it on a regular basis – every time you have a seizure.  It should be one that you can easily share with your doctors, nurses, and other caregivers if needed. Since many people don’t know what happens during their seizures, seizures diaries should be available for others to write down what they see as well.

What should I record about my seizures?

Tracking seizures includes recording information about what happens before, during and after the event. Use this form to help you know what to observe and record during and after seizures.

Examples of seizure diaries

Some people like to write in a journal, while others like forms that can be easily copied. Computers and other technology may let you record seizures on your computer, phone or other electronic device. Seizures can be tracked on a calendar – these make it easy to see when they occur and track patterns. Or use a log or record – these let you write more details about individual events. The key is to find one that works for you! Here are a few online seizure diaries to explore.

My Seizure Diary
An online seizure diary that lets you record your medical history; track seizures and other symptom, create Seizure Response Plans and share your information with others.

Seizure Tracker
An online seizure diary that helps you track seizures, add videos of seizures and share your information with others!

Texting 4 Control
Designed especially for young people with seizures, this helps people track when they have seizures and it’s time to take medicines.

This is an online seizure self-management program that has a log for tracking seizures too.

Patients Like Me
An online seizure diary that lets you chart your health and seizures over time, share and compare experiences with others, and contribute to research.

Paper Forms:  Visit Epilepsy.com and find these resources in the ToolBox