AES Fellows Program

The American Epilepsy Society is committed to nurturing fellows in the field of epilepsy and supporting their career development. The goal of the AES Fellows Program is to encourage epilepsy fellows in training to attend and benefit from the AES Annual Meeting, where they will learn about the latest updates in clinical and basic science research and meet with mentors regarding career planning. Up to 85 epilepsy fellows and 10 postdoctoral research fellows may be accepted to this program with awards of $750 plus free registration and a one-year AES membership. 

During the Annual Meeting in December, participating fellows attend a dinner with the AES Board of Directors, and a full-day of programming, including the Epilepsy Specialists and Annual Fundamentals of Epilepsy Symposia, the Hoyer Lecture, and a panel session in which experts will present and discuss their experiences in epilepsy research and clinical and private practice. Fellows are matched in groups of 3-5 with AES member mentors based on their research and career interests. A breakfast and lunch will be provided to allow fellows to meet with their mentors to discuss career planning, potential research paths, and clinical endeavors. AES also asks mentors to set up additional times throughout the meeting to connect with their fellows and touch upon highlights of the meeting.

EpiPORT (Epilepsy-Patient Oriented Research Training) program

From the pool of participants in the AES Fellows Program, 10 epilepsy fellows will be chosen to participate in the EpiPORT (Epilepsy-Patient Oriented Research Training) program. This year-long web-based program is specifically designed for outstanding fellows who are pursuing clinical research careers. EpiPORT fellows will receive mentorship through web sessions by a group of senior faculty with expertise in patient-oriented epilepsy research. In addition, each fellow will be assigned to a one-on-one mentor from the faculty. Selection will be based on the fellow’s potential for success as a clinical researcher, as determined by statements from the nominee and program director. 

Accommodations for the AES Fellows Program

Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel and travel reservations. Click here for detailed information. 

The deadline to apply for the 2015 Fellows Program has now passed.