Annual Meeting

More than 5,000 of the world’s leading epilepsy professionals will join AES in Seattle this year to learn about the most recent clinical and basic research, technology and treatment developments and to exchange new ideas. 
Through symposia, lectures, scientific exhibitions, poster and platform presentations, the AES meeting will identify new trends and cutting-edge research that will move the field of epilepsy forward for years to come.
The AES Annual Meeting brings together professionals from around the world who are involved in both research and clinical care for people with epilepsy -- neurologists, epileptologists, neurophysiologists, neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, internists, pediatricians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers and other professionals – from private practice, academia and government.
In just a few days you’ll gain more research and clinical insights, make more professional contacts, and discover more innovative ideas than you’ll gain the rest of the year. Registration opens in July. The advanced program is now available! Download it to learn more, and plan now to join us!
The Abstract Submission program is now closed. Thank you for submitting.