Become a Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society




Established in 2016, AES offers a Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society (FAES) credential to recognize members who have shared their time and talents to advance our mission and made meaningful contributions to the field of epilepsy.

The FAES credential is peer recognition that demonstrates professional accomplishment and dedication in epilepsy. Fellows will be recognized at the AES Annual Meeting and may use the FAES designation online and in printed materials.

Criteria and Required Materials

  • Currently a member in good standing and have been a member for at least seven (7) years in one of these categories: Active, Professional or International*
  • Attendance a minimum of five out of the last 10 AES Annual Meetings
  • Contributions in the field through research, clinical or academic achievement, volunteerism, and/or leadership
  • Two letters of recommendation from peers, at least one of which must be from a current FAES member. A list of FAES members can be found here.   
  • CV
  • One-time, nonrefundable application fee of $100

*Associate members may be eligible for the credential if they previously have been an Active, Professional, or International member for at least seven years.


Applications are accepted April through July each year. The AES Membership Committee reviews all applications and the AES Board of Directors approves them. Fellows are notified in November of their application status and recognized at that year's AES Annual Meeting. Applications and associated documents were to be submitted by July 31, 2019. The submission window for 2019 has now closed.


Please contact the Member Services team at or (312) 883-3800.