Membership FAQ

What is the AES membership year?

July 1 – June 30

When are dues renewal invoices sent?

Renewal opens in April.

I submitted my application in December (or January, February, March), was approved, and welcomed to membership. I have just received a notice to renew. Must I renew already?

Yes. You do need to renew as membership dues are not prorated. If you receive journals with your membership, you may request the back issues for that member year.

Can I pay for more than one year of membership at a time?

Yes. You can pay up to two years of dues; be sure to indicate this on the invoice submitted with payment or in the memo on your check. If you are renewing online, you will need to go through the renewal process twice.

I am a former member who would like to rejoin. Must I apply all over again? Do I need to find a sponsor again?

It depends. If your membership has not lapsed for more than 12 months, you can be reinstated without the need for sponsor letter. Contact the membership team at to request reinstatement. If your membership was dropped more than 12 months ago, you'll need to re-apply for membership and provide a new statement of support from an Active AES Member.

I applied as a Junior Member and received the reduced rate. My membership lapsed and I'm going to have to reapply. Can I receive the reduced rate for Junior Membership again?

No. The reduced first-year rate for Junior Members can only be used one time. When renewing or rejoining, the regular membership rate applies.

Can I renew my membership online?

Yes. As long as you are not changing your member type. Renewing online is encouraged.

Can I rejoin online, once my membership has lapsed and I've been dropped?

No. Contact the membership team at to request reinstatement.

Is my information secure if I renew online?

Yes. AES uses PayPal, a secure online credit card processing service; you will receive an automatic electronic receipt once you have submitted your online dues payment. Please do not send your credit card information by email. If preferred, AES accepts payments with a renewal or reinstatement form by fax at 312-896.5784 or phone at 312.883.3800.

Which credit cards are accepted by AES?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

I prefer not to renew online. How else can I pay my dues? 

FAX - printable form with credit card information to 312-896.5784
TELEPHONE - with your credit card information, call 312.883.3800. Payment should include your name, AES Member ID, and the dues renewal invoice.
MAIL- a check made payable to "AES." Payment should include your name, AES Member ID, and the dues renewal invoice. The mailing address is 135 S. LaSalle St., Suite 2850, Chicago, IL 60606. 

A receipt will be emailed to you once the payment has been processed.

What if my professional, training status, or employer changes?

Contact us. At certain times, there are reasons you may need to change your member category; i.e., completion of training program, change of employer, title or position, or reaching 70 years old and interested in Senior Membership.

I joined as a Junior Member while in training; I have completed my training program. Is there a grace period before I become a full member, and upgrade my member category?

Yes. Contact for more information. As a Junior Member you are provided with a Transition Year of Membership at a reduced rate for the year following training completion. Please keep AES updated on your training status, location, and completion date. 

I submitted a statement of sponsorship from my Training Program Director when I applied for membership. Do I need to provide another statement of support when I upgrade to full member (Active) status?

Yes. Contact a currently Active Member of AES to sponsor your application. A letter of support can be sent electronically to  

I have changed employers and now am employed by a for-profit company. Do I need to change my member category? 

Yes, you will need to change your member type to Associate. Complete  and submit with the Dues Renewal Form and choose Associate Membership.

I am retired from the field of epilepsy. Is there a category for me?

Yes. Active (includes Professional in Epilepsy Care) or Corresponding Members are eligible for Senior Membership if you are at least 70 years young and have been paying dues for a minimum of 15 consecutive years. Contact for more information.

As a Senior Member, would I still pay dues?

No. As a Senior Member, you are no longer required to pay dues. Senior Members receive mailings of the Society and reduced registration fees for Annual Meeting attendance. Senior Members are not eligible to receive Epilepsia or Epilepsy Currents and or vote on society matters. 

I am 70 years old and have been a member for 25 years. Am I required to change member categories and become a Senior Member? 

No. You are not required to change status and may continue receiving all the benefits of Active or Corresponding membership while still paying dues.

I have attended AES Meetings in the past. I have an AES ID #. Doesn't that make me an AES Member?

No. Only after a completed Membership Application form with payment, then approval by the Membership Committee is received, do you become an AES Member.

I submitted an abstract and presented a poster at an AES Meeting. Doesn't that mean I am an AES Member?

No. Having an abstract accepted, and presenting a poster at an AES Meeting does not automatically make you a member. You must apply and be approved.

Contact the AES Office for further assistance at 312.883.3800.