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Why Join the American Epilepsy Society?

Membership in the American Epilepsy Society entitles you to a world of opportunities for education, knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration.

We invite you to join the American Epilepsy Society (AES), one of the oldest neurological professional organizations in this country. AES is the American branch of the International League Against Epilepsy (http://www.ilae.org). The Society seeks to promote interdisciplinary communications, scientific investigation, and exchange of clinical information about epilepsy. Our membership consists of clinicians, scientists investigating basic and clinical aspects of epilepsy, and other professionals interested in seizure disorders. Members represent both pediatric and adult aspects of epilepsy.

The Society holds an annual meeting which features symposia, lectures, poster presentations, and exhibitions. This meeting offers members a forum for communicating and disseminating current findings in the files of epilepsy. The meeting attracts over 4500 professionals and offers excellent opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas.

Read the AES Mission, Goals and Bylaws

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