Mailing List Purchase

The American Epilepsy Society provides the membership list for purchase to individuals or organizations.

Each mailing list is purchased for one-time-use.

An exact copy of the item to be mailed (i.e., brochure, flyer, pamphlet, etc.) is submitted for review before the purchase is approved.

Email addresses and phone numbers are not included in the mailing list. Mailing list is generated using the criteria listed below, and not by member title, position, or area of work.

A reduced fee is available for non-profit (501c3) organizations; tax ID # is required.

Once the order has been approved, please allow 7 -10 business days to receive the mailing list in an Excel spreadsheet format.

The sale of this mailing list provides benefits to the Society:
• non-dues revenue to the Society
• alerts membership to pertinent services, activities, events, and products
• allows organizations, institutions, and businesses to contact the appropriate demographic to provide requested feedback

To submit your order, please print and complete the Mailing List Form. [PDF}