Request AES to Distribute a Survey

To request AES distribute a survey to its members, please fill out this form. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to review your request.


Requests must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Survey may not be on behalf of corporate interests (for example, on behalf of pharma or device companies or other corporate entities).
  • If the survey is gathering clinical, scientific or practice data, the survey must be scientifically valid. Other types of surveys must be deemed to be professionally designed and likely to result in valid results.
  • Survey notification request must be submitted by an AES member.
  • Survey topic or content may not be contrary to any AES position, policy or guideline.
  • Survey may not be designed to gather data regarding programs, products or services directly competitive with those produced or contemplated by AES.
    • Exceptions may be made if survey data will be shared in full with AES.


Requests will be reviewed by staff to ensure they meet the minimum criteria. Depending on subject matters, surveys will be reviewed by an AES committee or council to assess survey validity and acceptability.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks to review your request.

Distribution of surveys

AES will include survey requests in up to two issues of its biweekly, members-only newsletter, Connections. The announcement will identify the administering organization.

Surveys may not be announced or participation solicited through the online AES Connect community, even if approved for announcement in the newsletter.

Policy approved by the AES Board of Directors on March 2017