Calendar of Events


April 25-26 – PCS 5th Annual Health Care Conference, Moscow, Russia

May 15-16 - Beaumont Children's Pediatric Epilepsy Conference, Southfield, MI

June 3 - Cognitive Deficits in Epilepsy Webinar, Online

June 11-12 - Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Models, Common Data Elements, and Optimization, Rockville, MD

June 20-22 - American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Biennial Meeting, Boston, MA

October 4-6 – ANA2020, Los Angeles, CA

October 19-23 – 2020 CNS-ICNA Conjoint Meeting, San Diego, CA

October 24-28 – Society for Neuroscience Neuroscience 2020, Washington, DC

November 4 - RNS Programming Webinar, Online

December 2 - PNES in the EMU Webinar, Online

December 4-8, AES Annual Meeting 2020, Seattle, WA


The events on this page (with the exception of the AES Annual Meeting) are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the American Epilepsy Society.