Epilepsy Currents – Letters to the Editor

The Senior Editors of Epilepsy Currents invite readers to submit Letters to the Editor, which may be published both in the print version and in the online version of the journal. These letters will typically be in response to a published commentary or review from a previous issue. We urge readers to submit such letters in a reasonably close temporal proximity to the original publication of the item. An original letter not associated with a previously published topic may be considered, but only if the Senior Editors feel that it will be of significant interest to the readers of the journal. Letters should not be longer than 450 words in length. If the letter relates to a previously published item, the editors will send the letter to the author of the original item, who will be invited to respond. Letters can be sent to lettersec@aesnet.org.

We, as Senior Editors, are very excited about this new element in Epilepsy Currents. We hope that this will make the journal more interactive, more lively, and will allow for important discourse within the community on controversial topics. We hope that you will enjoy the dialogue, both as writers and as readers.