Epilepsy Currents, January/February, 2013, Vol. 13, Num. 1

Epilepsy Currents, January/February, 2013, Vol. 13, Num. 1

Table of Contents

Clinical Science - Current Literature

A Lesson from ‘The Brodie Ultimatum’: The Locus of Control for Epilepsy is Outside the Therapeutic Alliance
Cynthia Harden, MD

A Mutation Hot-Spot for Benign Infantile Epilepsy
Jennifer Kearney, PhD

Antiepileptic Medications after Extratemporal Epilepsy Surgery: When Do We Stop?
Mohamad Koubeissi, MD

Are Newer Antiepileptic Drugs Associated with Improved Safety In Pregnancy Compared to Older Antiepileptic Drugs?
Alison M. Pack, MD, MPH

Autoimmune Epilepsy: Are We Seeing the Tip of the Iceberg…or the Whole Thing?
David Spencer, MD

Obliterating the Seizure Focus in AVMs is Effective: More Clinical Data Confirming Common Sense
Nathan B. Fountain, MD

Turning Up the Heat on the Impact of Febrile Status Epilepticus
Eric Kossoff, MD

Zonisamide Should be Considered a First Line Antiepileptic Drug for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Partial Epilepsy
Alison M. Pack, MD, MPH

Basic Science - Current Review

Spatial Learning and Memory—What’s TLE Got To Do With It?
Geoffrey G. Murphy

Basic Science - Current Literature

Adenosine and Seizure Termination: Endogenous Mechanisms
Detlev Boison, PhD

How Deactivating an Inhibitor Causes Absence Epilepsy: Validation of a Noble Lie
Martin J. Gallagher MD, PhD

O Brother, Wherefore Are Thou? Calcium-Permeable AMPA Receptors Make an Appearance in Adult Status Epilepticus
Tim Benke, MD, PhD

Voltage-Gated Ion Channel Accessory Subunits: Sodium, Potassium, or Both?
Jennifer Kearney, PhD

IT'S CURRENT: Epilepsy Resources and Updates

Sleep and Epilepsy: A Summary of the 2011 Merritt-Putnam Symposium
Jennifer L. DeWolfe, Beth Malow, John Huguenard, Robert Stickgold, Blaise Bourgeois, and Gregory L. Holmes