September/October, 2011, Vol. 11, Num. 5

Epilepsy Currents, September/October, 2011, Vol. 11, Num. 5

Table of Contents

Clinical Science - Current Literature

Benzo vs Benzo And the Winner Is... 

Jacqueline A. French, M.D.

Hippocampal Atrophy: Another Common Pathogenic Mechanism of Depressive Disorders and Epilepsy? 
Andres A. Kanner, M.D.

Infantile Spasms: The Devil Is in the Details, But Do We See the Forest for the Trees? 
Barbara C. Jobst, M.D.

Neonatal Seizures Due to Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: Should We Care? 
Eric Kossoff, M.D.

Teasing Out the Anatomy of Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 
John W. Miller, M.D., Ph.D.


Classification and Epilepsy: The Future Awaits 
Anne T. Berg, Ph.D.

Classifying Seizures and Epilepsies: Limits of Science and Semantics 
Orrin Devinsky, M.D. and Souhel Najjar, M.D.

Basic Science - Current Literature

After the Storm: From Windswept to Spiny Trees 
Detlev Boison, Ph.D.

Epilepsy in a Dish: An In Vitro Model of Epileptogenesis 
Michael Wong, M.D., Ph.D.