Epilepsy Currents, September/October, 2013

Epilepsy Currents, September/October, 2013, Vol. 13, Num. 5
Table of Contents

Clinical Science - Current Review

Why Is There Still Doubt to Cut It Out? (PDF)
Engel J, Jr., MD, PhD

Clinical Science - Current Literature

EEG Wave of the Future: The Video-EEG and fMRI Suite? (PDF)
Chad Carlson, MD

Ghee Whiz! The Growing Evidence for the Benefits of the Modified Atkins Diet (PDF)
Eric Kossoff, MD

Hemispherectomy: The Full Half of the Glass (PDF)
Mohamad Koubeissi, MD

Shocking New Insights Into the Epileptic Trait (PDF)
John W. Miller, MD, PhD

Treatment of Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus: The Sooner the Better with Less Adverse Effects (PDF)
Jeffrey Buchhalter, MD, PhD, FAAN

Tuber or Not Tuber: The Question of Epileptogenic Lesions in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) (PDF)
Bernard S. Chang, MD, MMSc

Women with Epilepsy Planning Pregnancy: We Can Improve Outcomes by Improving Care (PDF)
Jacqueline A. French, MD

Basic Science - Current Literature

Algal Proteins Illuminate Epilepsy (PDF)
Douglas A. Coulter, PhD

Chopping Out CHOP Chops the Fate of Neurons (PDF)
Detlev Boison, PhD

Is Focal Cortical Dysplasia an Infectious Disease? (PDF)
Michael Wong, MD, PhD

Seizure Induced Newborn Neurons May Not Be So Bad After All (PDF)
Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini, PhD

Waking Up the Dormant Dentate Gyrus (PDF)
Carl E. Stafstrom, MD, PhD

IT'S CURRENT: Epilepsy Resources and Updates

Managing Common Complex Symptomatic Epilepsies: Tumors and Trauma (PDF)
2012 Annual Course Summary

Submit Topics for 2014 IW and CIW Programs (PDF)

Opinion Pieces

Seizures, Cerebral Shutdown, and SUDEP (PDF)
Alireza Bozorgi, MD and Samden D. Lhatoo, MD

Serotonin: The Anti-SuddenDeathAmine? (PDF)
George B. Richerson, MD, PhD