Epilepsy Education

The Epilepsy Education Program is an electronic epilepsy textbook and slide compendium. This content-based resource was created and is maintained by the AES Curriculum Development Committee. This resource is designed for use by both students and faculty as either a resource on epilepsy or a stand-alone learning tool.  Each section is comprised of PowerPoint slides with accompanying text, a PDF handout of each presentation and self tests.  Spanish versions of the PPT and PDF files can be found on the Spanish Resources page. 

Basic Mechanisms Underlying Seizures and Epilepsy  (PDF)

Clinical Epilepsy (PDF)

Clinical Epilepsy (PPT)

Clinical Epilepsy Case Studies  (PPT)

Clinical Epilepsy Case Studies  (PDF)

EEG Introductory Atlas - New in 2016

Epilepsy 101

Epilepsy Neurogenetics  (PPT)

Epilepsy Neurogentics  (PDF)

Neuropharmacology in Epilepsy  (PPT)

Neuropharmacology in Epilepsy  (PDF)

Neurosurgical Aspects of Epilepsy  (PPT)

Neurosurgical Aspects of Epilepsy (PDF)

Normal and Abnormal EEG Findings (PPT)

Normal and Abnormal EEG Findings (PDF)

Pediatric Clinical (PPT)

Pediatric Clinical (PDF)