Epilepsy Fellowship In-service Training Examination (EpiFITE)

Registration for the 2020 EpiFITE exam is now closed.



In March 2020, AES will offer its first Epilepsy Fellowship In-service Training Examination (EpiFITE). EpiFITE is an epilepsy-specific examination that will enable program directors and fellows to determine if there are specific areas where more study and experience are needed.

Important Dates

November 1, 2019 Registration Opens
February 14, 2020 Registration Deadline
March 11-18, 2020 Exam Testing Window
March 30, 2020 Exam Results Shared with Programs


Exam Content and Length

Category Breakdown

Seizure Classification 10%
         Seizure semiology, epilepsy syndromes  
EEG 20%
         Routine and ambulatory, long-term monitoring (EMU and ICU), intracranial  
Evaluation 20%
         Epilepsy history and exam, genetics, chemical/metabolic/CSF testing, imaging, neuropsychological testing  
Management 35%
         Overall principles, AEDs, ketogenic diet, brain stimulation and other treatments, surgical treatment, status epilepticus, comorbidities and psychosocial issues  
Mechanisms of the Epilepsies 10%
         Pathology and pathophysiology  
Systems-based Practice Issues 5%

Development Process

The exam questions are developed by faculty that include content experts trained to develop items which reflect knowledge, competence, and performance necessary for proficient epilepsy trainees.  Once completed, the items undergo a comprehensive review by a test development specialist and the faculty to ensure the exam content is well-written, educationally significant, and includes the appropriate distribution of topics.  


    • Assess trainee knowledge of epilepsy treatment
    • Identifies areas for growth
    • Serves as a prediction for other examinations (such as the 2020 ABPN Epilepsy Certification Exam)
    • Benchmarks performance to peers nationally


The EpiFITE is an online, computer-based exam. Programs will select a program contact to proctor the fellows at their home institution. Either the program director or program coordinator may be the program contact. The program contact will decide when to administer the exam during the exam testing window. Further information with login instructions will be sent to programs following registration.  

Scoring and Reporting

Following the exam, examinees will receive an electronic downloadable report with the discussion and references for any incorrect questions they may have selected. Program directors will be able to download an electronic diagnostic report for their fellows, and this includes a score report of their program, and comparison to other programs.  This report will be available by March 30, 2020. Program contacts will receive further instructions on how to access this report. 

Questions? Please contact education@aesnet.org