Research and Training Workshops

AES welcomes applications for funding to support scientific conferences and workshops focused on epilepsy research and training. Proposed conferences or workshops should address important and timely topics in epilepsy research of interest to AES members. AES support may be used for speakers’ transportation and lodging, participation by junior investigators and trainees, publication of proceedings, and other direct costs, but AES funds may not be used for indirect costs. Applications for workshops held outside the U.S. should propose to use AES funds to support participants from the U.S., to the extent appropriate and feasible.

Applications for workshop funding are reviewed by the AES Research and Training Council, and the number and amount of awards made each year are contingent on available funds. Preference will be given to workshops that include AES members as participants or attendees, that describe plans to support and encourage the participation of trainees and junior investigators, and that allow open attendance rather than participation by invitation only. Broad dissemination of workshop proceedings and other materials is also encouraged.

Application Deadlines 

  • March 24, 2021

If your proposal submission is complicated by university closures, please contact to discuss options.

Funding decisions are usually made within six weeks of the application submission deadline.


New in 2021. Applications must be submitted through proposalCENTRAL. Application guidelines and instructions are available here

The Workshop Summary must not exceed five pages and should include:

  • Description and Outline of Workshop Sessions or Training Course
  • Target Audience
  • Educational Objectives and Expected outcomes
  • Sponsors and Collaborators
  • Speakers
  • Draft Budget (including estimate of total expenses and all confirmed and pending support or income)
  • Promotion and Dissemination Plan (Describe and/or provide examples as additional attachment(s), if brochures or other durable materials will be produced.)