Fritz Dreifuss Abstract Honor

Fritz Dreifuss was one of those rare human beings who combined scientific and clinical approaches to epilepsy to improve the lives of people with epilepsy. He never faltered in his role as their advocate.

As a moving force behind the international classification of seizures and epilepsy, Dr. Dreifuss was enormously important in facilitating global research and communication among scientists around the globe. He played a major role in evaluating new anti-epilepsy drugs, pioneered the use of EEG telemetry in clinical practice and established a widely emulated model of comprehensive epilepsy care that is now a global standard.

Dr. Dreifuss served as president of the Epilepsy Foundation as well as the American Epilepsy Society and the International League Against Epilepsy. He was named an Epilepsy Ambassador for the International Bureau for Epilepsy and he served on the historic Congressional Commission for the Control of Epilepsy and its Consequences.

Beyond all of his professional accomplishments, many remember him for his nurturing spirit that extended to his family, colleagues, students, fellows, and, of course, his patients. His legacy of passionately caring for people with epilepsy and setting high standards for epilepsy care within the profession continues to make a difference to families living with epilepsy around the globe today.

The Fritz Dreifuss Epilepsy Fund honors the leadership and passion that he brought to all aspects of his work.

Award Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Dreifuss Honor is awarded to the highest ranking abstract in the outstanding patient care topic category and is sessioned as a platform at the AES Annual Meeting.
  2. The abstract honored is selected from all submitted abstracts by the Scientific Program Committee and is noted in the program book.

Application Instructions

  1. There is no formal application process for this honor as this is selected from all submitted abstracts.