Research and Training Fellowships for Clinicians

AES Research and Training Fellowship for Clinicians

This Fellowship provides one year of mentored support for clinical fellows or recently appointed clinical faculty who intend to pursue basic, translational, or clinical epilepsy research, including epidemiologic or behavioral studies, clinical trials, studies of disease mechanisms, the development of new technologies, and health services and outcomes research. Applicants may be epilepsy fellows, postdoctoral fellows, or newly appointed junior faculty and should propose a research project and training program designed to develop scientific skills and preliminary data in preparation for an independent research career. This award provides up to $50,000 for stipend (at least 50% effort required) and travel support for one year. The number of awards granted each year is contingent upon available funds.

Epilepsy Foundation Clinical Research Apprenticeship 

The Epilepsy Foundation will support two one-year mentored awards in the amount of $25,000 for one year for salary (at least 30% effort) plus $10,000/year towards classwork and travel to appropriate meetings. Applicants should be accepted into an epilepsy fellowship at a level 3 or 4 epilepsy center in the United States and may apply for either their first or second year of fellowship. Applicants must seek out a program that is actively involved in a large clinical research endeavor in epilepsy, identify a mentor who is involved in the project, and identify a role in the project that will lead to a publication or independent scholarship related to the project. The individualized training program proposed may consist of both didactic training and a supervised research experience designed to develop knowledge and skills in the chosen area of research and foster the career goals of the candidate. This fellowship program may also be a way for awardees to develop sufficient scientific skills and preliminary data to compete successfully for longer term support (e.g., grants from the NIH). Awardees will be expected to participate in the AES EpiPORT (Epilepsy-Patient Oriented Research Training) program and to attend the Pipeline or AEDD meeting and the AES Annual Meeting and Fellows Program.

More information about this program, including how to apply, is available at the Epilepsy Foundation website.