Epilepsy Research and Recognition Awards

The American Epilepsy Society, through the Research Recognition Awards Committee, annually presents research and recognition awards. These include the Distinguished Service, Lennox, Penry, Basic Research, and Clinical Research awards. The recipients of the awards are selected by the Research and Recognition Awards Committee. This Committee reports directly to the Board of Directors, and its composition is approved by the President as part of the annual committee appointments process.

A general call for nominations is issued to the full membership for all awards in the first quarter of each year. Awards are normally presented annually, but if no qualified candidates are nominated in a given year, at the Committee’s discretion an award may not be presented. Individuals may not receive any individual award more than once. Officers and members of the AES Board of Directors and sitting members of the Research Recognition Awards Committee are not eligible for awards during their terms of service.

The call for award nominations for 2018 closed at the end of March.

The next call for award nominations will open the first quarter of 2019.


Distinguished Achievement Awards

AES has three awards to recognize members for contributions and accomplishments based on the criteria described below. These include:

  • William G. Lennox Award: This is AES’ most prestigious award. Established in 1966, it recognizes members of the society, usually at a senior level, who have a record of lifetime contributions and accomplishments related to epilepsy. The award is funded through the Lennox & Lombroso Trust, through its merging with the William G. Lennox Trust Fund established in 1962 to advance and disseminate knowledge concerning epilepsy in all of its aspects – biological, clinical and social – and to promote better care and treatment for persons with epilepsy.
  • Distinguished Service Award: Established in 1993, this award recognizes outstanding service by an AES member in the field of epilepsy (including non-educational and non-scientific) with an emphasis on exemplary contributions to the welfare of the American Epilepsy Society and its members.
  • J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care: This award was established in 1997 with an original gift from Abbott Laboratories. It is now supported through the J. Kiffin Penry Fund of AES. The award honors Dr. Penry’s lifelong focus on and genuine concern for the patient with epilepsy. It recognizes individuals (members or non-members) whose work has had a major impact on patient care and improved the quality of life for persons with epilepsy.

Research Recognition Awards

AES has two awards to recognize members and/or non-members for contributions and accomplishments based on the criteria described. The Research Recognition Awards are the Society’s highest research awards, and are divided into the categories of

  • Basic Science Research Award
  • Clinical Science Research Award

These awards are designed to encourage and reward active basic science and clinical investigators whose research contributes importantly to understanding and conquering epilepsy. The honoraria provided as part of the recognition are for the exclusive use of the recipients and not intended for institutional or departmental support.

Eligibility for these awards extends to work addressing all areas and aspects of epilepsy. Awardees are usually at a more senior level with a clear track record of accomplishments. Applications are evaluated on the criteria of: 1) Pioneering research in epilepsy, 2) Quality of publications, 3) Research productivity, 4) Training activities, 5) Other contributions in epilepsy, and 6) Anticipated productivity over the next decade.

Award Recognition

All awards include complimentary AES Annual Meeting registration for the year in which the award is presented, round-trip coach airfare to the meeting, two nights’ hotel at the Annual Meeting headquarters hotel, and per diem of up to $100 per day. All awardees are recognized on the AES website and in the meeting app, in the program for the Annual Meeting, and on signage at the meeting. The awardees are presented with an enduring memento recognizing this honor.

Distinguished Service Lennox Penry Research-- Basic Science Research--Clinical Science
$1,000 honorarium $10,000 honorarium $3,000 honorarium $10,000 honorarium $10,000 honorarium

ILAE Awards

 AES is the North American chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy. You can read more about awards ILAE offers here.