Resident EEG Course

Resident EEG Course

2021 AES Resident EEG Course: December 3-4 in Chicago, IL

Back by popular demand, AES will be offering a live EEG course for up to 20 adult and pediatric junior residents as an introduction to the current practice of EEG. It will be held during the Annual Meeting on Friday, December 3 (full day) and Saturday, December 4 (half day) onsite in Chicago.  

The purpose of this multi-day course is to provide an interactive workshop on pediatric and adult EEG, taught by experienced epileptologist educators. Historical, physiological, and technical aspects of EEG will be covered.

The course will use several learning strategies including didactic lectures, structured hands-on activities, educator-led group sessions, and networking sessions. The bulk of the course will be a boot camp of EEG interpretation including the ABCs of artifact, benign variants, and coma patterns; the gamut from encoches frontales to electrocerebral silence; the spectrum of interictal to ictal patterns; and more! 

Course aims:

  • Stimulate early interest in EEG and its application among neurology residents
  • Facilitate early development of interest in epilepsy among neurology trainees
  • Provide opportunities of networking for neurology trainees at the incipient career level





Who may apply?

Eligible candidates include:

  • Residents enrolled in an ACGME-approved, neurology program at an institution in the US or Canada at the time of the 2021 AES Annual Meeting
  • Residents in osteopathic, neurology programs at an institution in the US or Canada at the time of the 2021 AES Annual Meeting--please note, these osteopathic programs are not required to have Osteopathic Recognition from ACGME
  • Residents have expressed interest in the epilepsy field


How to Apply

Residency program directors must complete this nomination form.


For a resident to be considered:

  • Resident has expressed an interest in the epilepsy field
  • Resident must be in good standing
  • Guarantee the resident can attend the full one and one-half-day course on December 3 and December 4, 2021, in Chicago

Only one resident per program may be nominated. Due to the small number of spots available, all qualified candidates will be randomly selected, preference will be given to junior residents

Applicants should not register for the 2021 Annual Meeting until they have received notification regarding whether they have been accepted to the Resident EEG Course

Notifications will be sent out via email to both program directors and residents by the end of August.

If accepted:

  • Residents will need to verify their attendance with AES
  • Residents will receive a $500 travel stipend for the Annual Meeting--travel stipends are contingent upon course attendance
  • Residents will receive complimentary registration to the full AES Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (December 3 -7, 2021) and are encouraged to stay to enjoy the AES experience

Please send all inquiries about the Resident EEG Course to