Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The AES Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2022 through 2024 was adopted by the AES Board of Directors in January 2021.


To eradicate epilepsy and its consequences.


To advance research, education, and practice for all professionals engaged in the understanding, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and cure of epilepsy.


  • We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with epilepsy. 
  • We embrace innovation as a foundation for a better future. 
  • We prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and equity as an interprofessional community.  
  • We value collaborating with other organizations that are aligned with our mission to achieve greater results. 
  • We operate with fairness, transparency, and integrity, and strive for excellence in everything we do. 

Strategic Framework

The fundamental ways that AES supports its mission are through education, research, and clinical practice support for the professional community. The foundational elements that drive our work is a Society-wide commitment to member engagement; diversity, equity, and inclusion; cross-disciplinary collaboration; and organizational effectiveness.


Goals and Objectives

The AES strategic plan directs the AES Board, Councils, Committees, and staff to pursue four goals, each of which has multiple objectives:

Talented Professionals: Attract, develop, retain, and enhance the careers of diverse and talented professionals in epilepsy.

  • Expand trainee and early career investigator programs to continue to attract, develop and retain early career professionals and encourage them to engage in AES and the profession.
  • Strategically and proactively ensure full diversity in the specialty from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds.
  • Create focused resources to develop and retain mid-career professionals, inclusive of providing opportunities for professional collaboration and actively cultivating leaders.
  • Provide career development opportunities that are appropriate for all professionals within the epilepsy ecosystem.


Inclusive Community: Nurture inclusive engagement across the AES multi-disciplinary community.

  • Remove barriers and improve access for all members to programs and volunteer pathways through policies, procedures, and practices that create a more inclusive society.
  • Create cross-disciplinary programs that appeal to all audiences.
  • Effectively incorporate the patient voice in AES’s work.
  • Define and foster successful collaboration with the patient advocacy community and other epilepsy-related organizations.


Latest Information: Enable all engaged in epilepsy to effectively understand and apply the latest information to improve best practices.

  • Create meaningful cross-disciplinary interactions between researchers and clinicians to drive innovation.
  • Continuously identify gaps in knowledge and practice and share evolving information and guidance in these areas as evidence becomes available.
  • Leverage all avenues of communication, including digital platforms and social media, to reach a broader community with the latest knowledge and discoveries.
  • Identify and implement tactics that convert evidence-based guidance into practice by delivering them in compelling new ways.


Financial Capacity: Cultivate sustainable resources to expand financial capacity for a vibrant society.

  • Leverage existing assets and programs to reach new audiences, develop new products/markets, and expand revenue and reach for AES.
  • Diversify and grow revenue streams from new contributors.
  • Allocate resources to activities with the highest strategic priority and value.