Treatment options include pharmaceuticals, diet, surgery and devices.  This section provides some basic information on these treatments.

Seizure Medications
Seizure medications, also called antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), are the first line of treatment for seizures and epilepsy. AEDs control seizures in only 60 to 70% of people. In the remaining patients, AEDs are used in conjunction with another treatment such as surgery, dietary therapy, or devices. 

For information on individual AEDs, visit List of Seizure Medications on Here you will find:

  • Information at basic and advanced levels
  • Information sheets for patients and families

For evidence-based guidelines on the use of AEDs, review the Guidelines on AEDS in different types of epilepsy.

Revised:       Patricia O. Shafer RN, MN, Edward J. Faught, MD
September 17, 2013