AES works with leading experts in epilepsy to produce webinars on relevant topics that span the epilepsy spectrum and appeal to professionals working in research, academia, and clinical practice. 

2022 Ask the Expert Webinars

Ask the Expert Webinars feature engaging presentations by experts on the given topic followed by interactive Q&A and are broadcast live and recorded for on-demand viewing. AES Ask the Expert Webinars offer 1.0 CME each.  Please see the purple section below to register for upcoming AES Ask the Expert webinars.


Ask the Expert Webinar Pricing

AES Member PriceFREE
Non-member Price$30 per webinar

Individuals who register and attend live webinars will receive access to the webinar recording for 90 days after the live webinar concludes.

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Real-world Experience and Tips for Treatment with the Latest ASMs

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Moderator: David Ficker, MD, FAES
Presenters: David Vossler, MD, FAES, and Kevin Chapman, MD, FAES

Webinar attendees gain practical guidance for using the newest antiseizure medications to treat patients with epilepsy. Dr. Vossler and Dr. Chapman share their experience with new ASMs in an engaging presentation followed by a Q&A session.

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New Research and Clinical Insights Utilizing Ambulatory ECog from RNS

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Moderator: Wolfgang Muhlhofer, MD
Presenter: Vikram Rao, MD, PhD, FAES

Learners will gain clinical and management insights for epilepsy care derived from ambulatory ECog-data recorded by the RNS device. The presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

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Autoimmune Epilepsy: Dilemmas and Challenges with the Diagnostic Workup


Moderator: Jaysingh Singh, MD
Presenters: Claude Steriade, MD, CM

Webinar attendees will gain guidance on various diagnostic approaches and will learn practical diagnostic tips for using them with patients. Dr. Steriade will share her experiences in an engaging presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session.


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The Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Epilepsy

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Moderator: Chengyuan Wu, MD, MS
Presenters: Irene Wang, PhD; and John Duncan, DM, FRCP

There have been recent improvements in existing MRI techniques and entirely new advanced MRI approaches have been introduced. This webinar discusses current and future applications of new MRI modalities in the assessment and treatment of people with epilepsy.

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  • Ask the Expert: Lamotrigine and the Heart - Cause for Concern?, David S. Auerbach, PhD; Lennart Bergfeldt, PhD; Jacqueline A. French, MD; and David Ficker, MD
    Learn about new FDA safety warnings regarding potential cardiac effects of lamotrigine and hear expert guidance for clinical care and communicating with patients about these warnings.
  • Ask the Expert: Functional Seizures, Ali Asadi-Pooya, MD; Sean Hwang, MD; Susan Koh, MD; Bridget Mildon; Heidi Munger Clary, MD, MPH; Tyson Sawchik, PhD, RPhych; Eval Schulze, PhD; and Benjamin Tolchin, MD, MS
    This webinar provides a clinical overview of functional seizures. Experts will review etiology, epidemiology (including comorbidities), diagnosis (including semiology, EEG, and ILAE criteria), and treatment.



  • Ask the Expert: Epilepsy Self-Management Programs in the time of COVID-19, Barbara C. Jobst, MD, PhD; Robert T. Fraser, PhD, Erica K. Johnson, PhD, CRC, FAES; Martha Sajatovic, MD; Elaine Kirakoloulos, MD, MSc; and Samantha S. Schmidt, BS
    During this webinar faculty reviews evidence for epilepsy self-management, programs currently available virtually by phone or online, and immediate opportunities and support for implementing these programs in the clinical practice setting.
  • Ask the Expert: Unique Perspectives and Lessons Learned from Epileptologists Serving on the Front-Lines During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Qun Wang, MD, PhD; Francesca Bisulli, MD, PhD; and Nathalie Jette, MD, MSc, FRCPC
    This webinar will highlight neurologists’ front-line experiences delivering care in some of COVID-19’s epicenters: Italy, New York, and China. Speakers share important insights into what they saw, how they adapted, and give recommendations for moving forward in this COVID-19 climate.
  • Ask the Expert: Telehealth for Epilepsy: Overcoming the Obstacles, David M. Ficker, MD; Marvin A. Rossi, MD, PhD; Edward “Rusty" J. Novotny, Jr., MD; and Carl W. Bazil, MD, PhD
    This webinar provides an introduction to telehealth from providers with extensive experience using it successfully in their own epilepsy practices. We discuss ways to provide telehealth services for epilepsy care, the unique aspects of working with epilepsy patients in this way, and how to bill for these services.
  • Ask the Expert: Telehealth for Epilepsy Part 2: Putting Guidelines into Practice, Christopher Peterson, DPT, PT; Edward “Rusty" J. Novotny, Jr., MD, FAAN; Marvin A. Rossi, MD, PhD; Anup D. Patel, MD; Holly Paauwe; and Katie Hentges
    This webinar provides insights and examples of telehealth clinic workflows that you can incorporate in your own patient care. Plus, hear more about recent updates for reimbursement on telehealth services, and ideas for engaging trainees and other multi-specialty partners in your telehealth visits.
  • Ask The Expert: Seizure Rescue Medications, Timothy E. Welty, PharmD; Tyler E. Gaston, MD; Jon A. Cokley, PharmD; Jeffrey D. Kennedy, MD; and Linda S. Allen, BSN, RN
    Seizure rescue medications are an important part of a seizure rescue plan. This webinar focuses on when rescue medications may be used and which patients may benefit most.