Membership Categories and Dues

The AES membership year runs July 1-June 30. Dues are prorated after December.

Membership Category
Are professionals with MD, MBBS, BMBS, or DO degrees eligible?
Annual Dues 
Does this type receive Epilepsia?

Physicians, healthcare providers, scientists

US, Canada, or MexicoYes$285Yes
PROFESSIONALHealthcare providers and scientists in epilepsy or related fieldsUS, Canada, or MexicoNo$130No
INTERNATIONALEpilepsy professionals outside the US, Canada, or Mexico.Outside the US, Canada, and MexicoYes$165Can add
Epilepsia subscription
for $82
ADVOCATEEmployees of non-profit, non-governmental organizations that support the AES mission and visionAnywhereNo$95No
ASSOCIATEEmployees of for-profit companies that market, sell, and/or develop epilepsy-related products or servicesAnywhereYes$285Yes

Individuals in an education or training program in epilepsy or a related field.

Trainees are required to verify their trainee status during the member join process.


Can add
Epilepsia subscription
for $75

Senior Members

Senior members do not pay dues. They cannot vote, serve in elected office, and do not receive Epilepsia.
To see if you qualify for senior membership, please contact the member services team.

How Dues Are Assessed

If you join

You pay

July 1 - December 31Full year's dues
January 1 - April 30Prorated dues based on the month you join
May 1 - June 30Full year's dues for the upcoming member year; the remaining time in the current membership year is included at no charge



Please contact the member services team at or (312) 883-3800.
(Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CT)

Rates as of April 2021