AES Fellows Program

About the AES Fellows Program

The AES Fellows Program is the Society's flagship career development program for early career researchers, clinicians, and advanced practice providers. Its goal is to engage promising epilepsy professionals in AES activities, education, and mentoring—and to connect them with AES leaders, members, and each other. AES Fellows attend the Annual Meeting for intensive exposure to epilepsy science, medicine, career skills, networking, top-notch education, and social events.

Approximately 105 fellows from institutions in the US and Canada will be accepted following a competitive review process, including clinical fellows in approved epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, or neurosurgery fellowship programs; advanced practice providers (up to five); and postdoctoral research fellows and trainees (up to 15) with advanced degrees in professional fields related to nursing, pharmacology, pharmacy, psychology, and basic science.

The application window for the 2022 AES Fellows Program has closed.

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Program Objectives

Following participation in this program, Fellows should be able to:

  • Identify various types of careers in epilepsy (academic, practice) and what training and experience are necessary for these respective pathways
  • Define a career path based on extensive interaction with a matched mentor who will address specific aspects of career development
  • Advance their career with additional career management skills, i.e. interviewing and networking
  • Maintain a wide-ranging professional network of epilepsy clinicians and researchers
  • Improve clinical and/or research skills based on learning through AES symposia, special interest groups, investigator workshops, and other education events at the AES Annual Meeting


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If You Are Selected as an AES Fellow

Fellows will participate in targeted programming at the Annual Meeting.

To support participation, AES Fellows receive:

  • A $750 travel stipend to support attendance at the meeting*
  • Complimentary registration to the AES Annual Meeting
  • Full access to educational and scientific sessions
  • A complimentary one-year AES membership
  • Mentorship, matched by professional interest
  • Networking sessions with AES senior leaders and peers


Recipients of research grants, abstract awards, AES Fellows, or those who receive other travel awards or stipends meant to offset annual meeting expenses will only receive one monetary stipend for the event.  

Who May Apply?

Eligible candidates. Professionals in the following categories may apply for a spot in the AES Fellows program:

  • Clinical fellows enrolled in ACGME-approved epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, or neurosurgery fellowship programs or other eligible training at an institution in the US or Canada at the time of the annual meeting
  • Postdoctoral research fellows or other trainees (PhD or equivalent advanced degree) in nursing, pharmacology, pharmacy, psychology, basic science, and other relevant fields enrolled at an eligible institution in the US or Canada at the time of the annual meeting
  • Advanced practice providers in the early stages of their career and/or in transition to a new role within the epilepsy field

Diversity matters. 
A wide range of experience and background enriches the AES Fellows Program. AES aims for balance and diversity in all its aspects in considering candidates for this program. Applications are explicitly encouraged from professionals meeting the above criteria who:

  • Identify as a member of a group historically underrepresented in medicine or research
  • Work on issues affecting medically underserved people who have epilepsy or seizures

Ineligible groups. 
The following groups are not eligible to apply:

  • Individuals who have previously participated in the AES Fellows Program
  • Individuals who are recipients of a 2022 AES early career grant or fellowship
  • Residents and medical students

Nomination limits per program.
Only one Fellow may be nominated per program or mentor, with these exceptions:

  • Institutions with clearly distinct adult and pediatric fellowship programs may submit one nomination from each program
  • A mentor may nominate an advanced practice provider in addition to an MD or PhD

Priority for AES 2022 presenters. 
Abstract submission to the AES Annual Meeting is not required for participation as an AES Fellow. However, applicants who will be giving presentations or displaying posters at the meeting will be given priority, particularly for the postdoctoral spots.

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How to Apply

The application window for the 2022 AES Fellows Program has closed.

  1. The application materials include both a form submitted by the applicant and a reference form completed by the applicant’s program director/mentor. Please note that each program director/mentor can only nominate one trainee per program/lab.
  2. Before accessing the application form, please log in to your AES account. While active AES membership is not needed, you need an AES account to apply.
    • If you do not remember your account username or login, please contact AES at 312-883-3800 or at for assistance in locating your account. If you do not have an AES account, please create one at this link.
  3. Your completed application is due by Monday, August 15 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, and will include both your application and the reference form. Your application needs to be submitted for your program director/mentor to receive the reference form, so be sure to submit prior to the August 15 due date to ensure we have all materials in time.
  4. Application Materials
  5. The application form must be completed by the fellow, postdoctoral researcher, or other candidates, and submitted online to start your candidacy. Click “Apply” to proceed to the AES Fellows Program application form; detailed below.
    • Applicant Information: Enter applicant information, such as name, degree, and two email addresses. Entering two email addresses will ensure we can contact you in the coming months. Click Next.
    • Demographic Info: Please complete optional demographic information on your race, gender identity, and any disability accommodations you may need at the AES Annual Meeting. Click Next.
    • Institution and Program: Enter information on your institution and program, such as the name of your institution, department, city, program type, position, expected completion date for fellowship/training, and whether you are presenting a poster or speaking at the 2022 Annual Meeting.
    • Applicant Statement: Please provide a brief statement regarding your career plans in epilepsy, and, any other information that might be useful in matching you with potential mentors. (Maximum characters: 3,000).
    • AES Mentor: If accepted to the AES Fellows program, you will be matched with an experienced AES member as your mentor.  Enter information on your preferred AES mentor, including preferred expertise, practice setting, etc. You can upload your CV (optional), which will be shared with your mentor.
    • Reference: Enter the name and email of your fellowship Program Director, postdoctoral mentor, or equivalent by selecting ADD REFERENCE. Enter the required information and hit “Save.” After you submit your application form, your Program Director/Mentor will receive an email asking them to complete the reference form. To be considered eligible for the program, this form must be completed by the fellowship program director (fellows) or by a primary mentor (postdoctoral fellows) in order to be considered eligible for the program.
    • Submit: After completing all required information, hit “Preview” to view your application in its entirety, and when ready, hit SUBMIT. You will receive an email confirming your submission, and your Program Director/Mentor will receive an email asking them to complete your reference form.
  1. All application materials, including the reference form, must be completed in their entirety, and submitted by Monday, August 15, 2022, at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, for your application to be considered.
  2. The AES Fellows and Junior Investigators Professional Development Committee will select the Fellows Program participants. Notifications will be sent out via email by early September. Selected participants will then be asked to confirm their participation in the program.  
  1. If you have applied to be an AES Fellow, please do not register for the 2022 Annual Meeting until you have been notified whether you have been accepted to the AES Fellows Program.  Notifications will be sent in time for you to receive the early-bird registration pricing for the AES Annual Meeting if your application is not selected.

Review Criteria

The Fellows Program often receives more applications than we can support. The AES Fellows and Junior Investigators Committee aims to accept 105 applicants representing various clinical, research, and interprofessional disciplines. In order to make their selections, the Fellows and Junior Investigators Committee will review using the below criteria:

  • Applicant’s personal statement. Does the applicant articulate why participation in the program will further their training and career goals? Does the applicant state a dedication to epilepsy?
  • Mentor’s Letter of Reference: Does the letter come from the applicant’s program director, postdoctoral mentor, or equivalent? Does the letter clearly voice support for the applicant and their participation in this program? Does the letter clearly discuss how the Fellows program could help the applicant?
  • In a competitive application cycle, review chairs may take secondary factors into consideration to make final selection decisions, including whether the applicant is presenting at the AES Annual Meeting, and if the applicant has additional years of Fellows program eligibility left.



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AES would like to thank the following companies for their support of the 2022 AES Fellows Program:

  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • SK Life Science, Inc
  • Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC